by the way … !=

Just not to forget to say a few words about this basic difference.

So… what do we have here org vs com! Looks like opposing a business company to a non-profit organization and we’ll see that’s quite close to the truth.

Mainly this is about having your blog hosted on your own server account and to delegate this responsability to some blog hosting service. does not host your blog on the internet, you will have to find out a web hosting provider, it is just the underlying blogging software platform. … and one of the best (many voices may claim that). The software itself is open source, you do not have to spend a penny for it,  but having your own “space” on the Internet, that could cost you some money. is a free web hosting service like (a competitor let’s say 🙂 ).

Which will be the advantages of using one or another ?

Well… depends on your experience as a web programmer. If your are a rookie blogger, as I am, it is better to decide for In a few seconds and clicks you have your blog created (it is as simple as creating an email account on Yahoo).
You can play a while with the features and templates that freely provides and then, if you decide to buy a domain name and some hosting space on the Internet, you can step into the professionals world, I mean using …

Actually at the beginning was only the WordPress software, currently found on, which appeared somewhere around 2003. If you type WordPress on Wikipedia, you will be guided to the software platform, not to the weblog publishing service. Few years after, in 2005, it opened to the public. It was thereon possible for anyone to create a blog running WordPress software on domain. Initially this was done based only on invitation but afterwards anyone could register. The miracle that allowed tons of blog to run a single software installation consisted in a small fork of WordPress called WordPress Multi-User ( if it is to trust Wikipedia around 9 million blogs were registered under in November 2009).

Having the two sides face to face let’s briefly analyze PROS and CONS:



    First and foremost it must be mentioned that it was created with the idea that the user does not need to worry for anything but to writing. offers free blogs with easy blog set up, automatic blog post back-up and automatic WordPress software updates.
    Blogging on is completely free and painless: you do not have to worry about handling high traffic  capacity (if it is your case) because will do it for you. It is much more reliable and secure, they, instead of  you, are taking care of your work


    You cannot earn money with your blog, it does not allow bloggers to monetize a blog with Google AdSense  advertisements
    You cannot have your own domain, it must have following format, you can purchase your  own domain but for a fee
    You are forced to stick with the set of templates and plugins that provides you (if I remember well you  can choose among 60 templates and 35 plugins, any additional one will cost you)
    WordPress limits your the space that you get for your blog (don’t remember exactly, I think around 3GB)


    Very good and well-suited for experienced bloggers who will have the chance to customize their blogs however they want
    No restriction on monetization, you can freely start to work as a real blogger and earn money from that
    It is not only a blogging software, you can create with it social networks, e-commerce sites or web portals, only your  imagination and professionalism is the limit
    Space restrictions are imposed only by your web subscription conditions


    You will have worry not only about writing to the blog but also to maintain it  🙂
    You are the one in charge to upgrade the blogging software, in case of this is done automatically

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