Symbian is 100% open-source !

YES indeed !

This is moment 0 (actually today February 5’th is moment 1, the event was passing yesterday on 4’th) of Symbians’ existence in the open source world !

This guy, Lee Williams CEO of Symbian Foundation, the new owner of Symbian platform (OS+UIs), tells better what impact will this shift, from proprietaru code to open source, will have for the future of mobile software development.

It is important to keep in mind that this is the largest transition of type in software history proprietary -> open source .

What is he saying .. ? 4.5 billion $ of source code are now free, code developed

Licensing procedures completed four months ahead of the schedule and over 400 million lines of code were made open source (almost four times greater than its possible competitor Android with ~ 110 million lines) in 364 days.

It will be intersting to see how will it look llike the mobile market after three or four years. Many forcasts bet on Symbian and Android, even if both  of them will have to fiercely fight with iPhone OS. Personally I bet too on Symbian and Android (I remember I wrote something about “Gartners’ presumption about Android coronation in 2012”, if not I will think writing something).

I think this moment is comparable the birth of Linux desktop OS, even if this was the fastest growing open source desktop OS in history, but still Windows is installed on almost 90% of desktop computers. But this time Symbian has the history on its side, it was among the first to enter into this industry and it is on top since many years.

So… the future seems to be “open” …


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