Video courses

I remember that during the years at the University, at Faculty of Electronics and Telecommunications back in 2006, I was very disappointed about the way in which some classes were held.
Either I didn’t liked the way some teachers stressed the importance of their courses, how difficult those are, either, from various reasons, I found them not so interesting or obsolete (to be honest many of the things learned, like TTL transistors technology, or a dozen theories about the bipolar transistor, were totally useless).
I was a little bit angry because there was, or I didn’t knew at that moment in time, no way of finding some courses held at some highly-ranked computer science universities.
Now I have this chance of choosing whichever course I want to learn and I can watch it on my LCD lying comfortable on my bed or on my couch.
The driving idea of this weblog was to share knowledge about computer science and also to express my opinions about various things.
I can write posts about various things that I’m interested in, but watching a course held at one of the worlds’ top university, like Stanford or Berkeley, can value more than this.
I decided to create this category driven by the will of creating of a such on-line computer science library.
In a first step I will try to embed video-courses about programming (general programing concepts, but also exemplified in languages like C/C++/Java/PERL/Python) , also some stuff about computer architecture will be added (by the way, I have found some good stuff about this at some Indian Universities) and about networking ( wired networks like Ethernet, TCP/IP concepts, OSI layer and also wireless standards like ZigBee).
It won’t be just a simple cut and paste of the embed code, I would like also to comment corresponding courses and to express my own view about the things discussed there.


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