Lectures 1 & 2

I won’t say too many things about this, the course “speaks by itself“. This guy (Mehran Sahami) is simply awesome, I love to watch his courses.
First lecture is only about introductory, administrative stuff …

Second lecture … basically the entire course is about good software engineering technique, using Java programming language to give examples. The environment used (IDE) is Eclipse.

4:10 let’s get started on the real content
the discussion turns back to Karel the robot

4:30 how to we get this guy to do something interesting in the world this seems to be the driving idea of those first lectures
there are four commands that Karel understands: move, turn left (because he’s a good democrat :))), pick beeper, put beeper, things which are referred to as methods

Basically until 20:00 the course is all about how to move Karel to a different position, grabbing also the beeper

10:14 worth knowing about the difference between a program and an algorithm, in case you didn’t knew already (algorithm – a recipe for doing something, program – something valid syntactically according to the rules of the language)

Karel is pre-programmed to go find run method

14:10 the notion of class is introduced
15:30 the notion of inheritance and the way is implemented in Java, are introduced
17:30 where is this Karel thing comes from to begin with? … it comes from a Java package (Attention!! packages in Java end with a semicolon)
22:04 for all other Karel concerns we gonna use private

23:30 why run is public? Karel needs to know where to start

26:17 I’m gonna ask you a philosophical question: .. what is the downfall of the modern college student?

afterwards the discussion is about instructions: for, while, if, else … and then about how can we make Karel jump the hurdles


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