Back on track …:)

Hi there ….

After a quite long period in which I was completely absent on this blog, I am BACK 🙂 I changed my job and also my country (I moved from Romania to Spain)  so during last few weeks I was quite busy and quite worried about how will  I manage to find here (in Tarragona, Spain) some accomodation.

What to say about my new job, my new flat and generally about my new country…?

Well, my job is still in automotive, but I would say that it is more “automotive focused”. Until now I have done mostly microcontroller programming, the simple fact that those controllers were used in automotive and I was working in a company that basically manufactures ECU’s put the AUTOMOTIVE label on my engineering activities.

Now it is slightly different in the way that I will have to make tests, diagnosis and developement at a higher level than the microcontroller one. I will have to deal more with MISRA guidelines, with ECU specifications and also with automotive software tools like CANoe. Another big difference, I would say, consists in the fact that I will be closer related to the end-customer (I am referring here to the car manufacturers) and in my case this will be Volvo. At my previous job I was almost completely unaware where the controllers that I tested will be used, it is indeed that at the end of the project I attended a presentation where it was said that that and that Freescale  controller was used in such and such car, but during testing this information was completely invisible.

My new flat is quite ok, it is placed downtown in Tarragona, which is by the way a very beatiful and historical city, a little Rome.  The beach is close (I will upload some pictures ;)) In general everything is going very well except the fact that I am not dedicating so much to my blog because I do not have yet my own notebook or a PC, the one that I used in Romania I didn’t bring it here.  Concerning this I am thinking to buy a Mac notebook, I think it worths giving a try.

For the moment I cannot tell you more, because I am here (Tarragona, Spain) since just two weeks. For several months (not many, I hope) from now on, I won’t update so frequently my blog, as I did in the past, but I will do my best to maintain it.

Hasta la vista! 🙂


2 Responses to Back on track …:)

  1. vasiauvi says:

    I can wait to see the pictures!
    Don’t by a Mac, buy a simple laptop and put Linux! It’s the best!

    I think that in august I will visit you but I’m not to sure. here, in Romania, the crisis is still very bad and the government make it only worst that it is!

    Glad that you’ve gone from our pity country and gone to better places.Hope that I also gone in other country!

    🙂 With that said I wish you all the best and hope to see you soon! 😉

    Your colleague Vasi 😀

  2. Thanks a lot for the comment Vasi!
    Yeah.. I’ve hear about what’s currently happening in Romania and it does not look so good.
    Regarding the Mac I think it worths a try, in any case I rarely had the chance to “test” one.
    In any case I’ll what I’ll do, those are just some plans for the near future.

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