Hi there!

My name is Bogdan Gradinaru and I am from Sibiu, Romania, where I live with my lovely family, my wife, Iulia, and our little daughter, Ana.

I am working in the embedded programming field and I am mostly interested in computers, programming and web evolution.

The idea of starting this blog was to share my computer science knowledge and to publicly discuss about computer related stuff . I would say that one of the goals of this blog would be to bring here people with a high level of expertise and a lot of know-how in Computer Science and IT.

As a first step I will try to share my embedded programming experiences (mostly embedded C) but also to gain more expertise in mobile software development, especially Android and Symbian.

Please, have a look on my posts and if you feel so, do not hesitate to add or correct some information out here. If you disagree on certain topics you are free to comment on them, it will be very interesting to find out your opinion.

I would really appreciate to see your point of view about the subjects tackled on this blog.

PS: I am not a native english speaker so …. my apologies for possible grammar mistakes. I would appreciate to correct or to highlight them.


2 Responses to About

  1. praks says:

    awesome job…!! 🙂

  2. Roxanne says:

    Hey, just wanted to congratulate you for creating an informational site; found the embedded section very useful. Thanks!

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