… like Pheonix bird

After a fairly long period of absence I thought is again time to write some impressions on this blog that I almost forgot of it. Indeed it has been a pretty long while since I last hit the “publish” button but never is too late …
But, what happened in the meantime? (techinically speaking) Well there have been pretty many things, I would say in their their majority gathered around programmable logic subject, there were some good tutorials on Xilinx’s page, but also I found the blog of this guy that it really guides the reader from basic things, like how to setup an FPGA development environment, to how to play with MicroBlaze configuration, it is indeed an intrpduction to FPGA design from scratch … probaly I will also start a new category on this blog about this matter 🙂 Read more of this post


Is it frustrating to work in the embedded industry?

Don’t get me wrong I am not frustrated …

… it is just because I find this topic more challenging than frustrating. I always wondered myself how difficult could be to work in the embedded industry compared to working into PC-desktop applications industry. At a first glance when comparing the job requirements for an embedded engineer position they may look not so diverse (it is just a personal/subjective opinion) as the ones for a database programmer of for a PC-desktop software developer. Actually the only “piece of software” that you’ll have to know and to use it in your embedded applications is the C language. More or less if you know the C language you are suitable for becoming a software engineer, it is not like you would be a programmer and you have to always learn new technologies or programming languages.

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Is there (or was it) any Apple-Microsoft rivalry?

I was just wondering: how about writing something about computing history? I still have this plan to include a category in my blog where I’ll write short stories about computing history, things like how microprocessors appeared, how some garage-founded companies like Apple, Microsoft or Intel went on the front stage of computing in the 70’s against of that time giants as HP, IBM or XEROX … this will come later (this I promise you)
Why Apple and Microsoft? Because I can say that Apple is somehow the company of the moment and they grew together along with Microsoft, currently the biggest software developer for Apple (as per Steve Jobs words … we’ll hear them in a moment :))

I thought of writing about something more interactive and challenging, than some numbers, statistics . .. and what else could it be than a dialogue between the two founders: Bill Gates and Steve Jobs.

I have found the All Things Digital show, hosted by the notorious WSJ columnists Walter Mosher and Kara Swisher, on youtube and I took the chance to watch it (below is embedded only the first part, there are eleven in total).

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Back on track …:)

Hi there ….

After a quite long period in which I was completely absent on this blog, I am BACK 🙂 I changed my job and also my country (I moved from Romania to Spain)  so during last few weeks I was quite busy and quite worried about how will  I manage to find here (in Tarragona, Spain) some accomodation.

What to say about my new job, my new flat and generally about my new country…?

Well, my job is still in automotive, but I would say that it is more “automotive focused”. Until now I have done mostly microcontroller programming, the simple fact that those controllers were used in automotive and I was working in a company that basically manufactures ECU’s put the AUTOMOTIVE label on my engineering activities.

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