Lecture 6

a┬árefresh of previous course is done…with a focus on division operator

after some brief example proving how / (division operator) works with both, integer and double numbers, the discussion turns towards operator precedence

6:44 cast – or how to transform between different types of data

so, how can you help temporarily an expression to handle double data if it has only integer parameters, that after a division result in a double

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Lecture 5

Variables ….

1:00 a variable is basically a box where we stick stuff (I think in almost programming courses variables are often associated with their corresponding memory locations, meaning … a box)

1:24 how can a variable be described? via a name, type and value

2:07 the Java rule of writing variables: “they must start either with a letter or with an underscore”

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Lectures 3 & 4

Lecture 3:

still on Karel…

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Lectures 1 & 2

I won’t say too many things about this, the course “speaks by itself“. This guy (Mehran Sahami) is simply awesome, I love to watch his courses.
First lecture is only about introductory, administrative stuff …

Second lecture … basically the entire course is about good software engineering technique, using Java programming language to give examples. The environment used (IDE) is Eclipse.

4:10 let’s get started on the real content
the discussion turns back to Karel the robot

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