Get a grip on LPIC 1

Ok, if you decided to go for this cert what’s needed in order to prepare it?  What training materials are available on the market and what are the requirements (or objectives) of this training?

Here you may find an extended answer to all your doubts simply expressed by myself in the 2 questions above. Personally I would recommend this one as one of the best resources to use in preparing for LPIC. Nevertheless you should always bear in mind the objectives of the exam.

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Does it worth to have a Linux certification?

I would say so … Anyhow Linux is so spread in our everyday programmers/engineerings’ life that is really difficult to find someone having no idea about it (in fact I would say is a shame as an engineer NOT to get a grip on Linux). But, is it required, or do you think is needed, to have a Linux certification?

As far as I knew since long time ago there was the “notorious” Red Hat certification-  RHCE which once was a de facto requirement for a senior system admin aspiring to get into one of the top IT companies. LPIC (Linux professional institute certification) is a much younger certification, its governing entity, Linux Professional Institute, being established in 1999. Despite RHCE, LPIC is not tied to any Linux distribution or Linux vendor, and as the name suggest is provided by a non-commercial organization.

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